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Adding light to a bathroom sounds like an easy task, right? Install more lights or brighter bulbs, and you're done. The problem with simply adding more direct overhead lights or brighter bulbs is that you risk creating a sterile and intense light that isn't inviting. You may want to create a more inviting and stylish bathroom depending on the location and nature of your commercial bathroom (for example, a restaurant, bar, office, or other public space).

Tips for Commercial Bathrooms

When it comes to lighting a commercial bathroom, there are a few tips to keep in mind to create a warm, inviting space that meets the needs of your patrons:

Layer Your Lighting

Layer your commercial bathroom lighting to avoid a sterile, hospital-like atmosphere. Warm, cozy spaces are created by combining different types of lighting. Try mixing accent lighting, such as a pendant light in the corner, with recessed lighting for a divine look. Consider using linear lights or round lights to achieve this effect.

These industrial bathroom ceiling lighting fixtures are great for commercial bathroom lighting as they can help create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Linear or strip lights are sleek and modern and can illuminate the area above the sinks or along the walls. They can also highlight architectural features or create a dramatic effect when placed behind a mirror or vanity.

Round lights, such as a flush or semi-flush mount fixtures, can provide general illumination or accent lighting. They are available in various sizes and styles, from simple and modern to ornate and decorative. Round lights can be used alone or in combination with other fixtures to create a layered lighting design. They are especially effective with linear lights to create a cohesive look throughout the space.

Use LED Lights

LED lighting is ideal for commercial bathroom lighting, providing overall illumination and feature lighting to make the room stylish. It's also flexible and able to fit in with many bathroom ideas. Many commercial bathroom lights, including uplights, downlights, strips, walls, and pendants, can provide overall illumination and specific task lighting. Layered lighting is essential for a successful lighting design, and these LED bathroom lighting ideas can inspire a successful project while reducing energy use and costs.

Use LED Lights in Commercial Bathroom – LED Lights Direct

Choose the Right Color Temperature

When upgrading commercial restroom lighting, it's important to consider color temperature. While some choose cooler color temperatures for a clean look or visibility, the key to visibility is lumen output, not color temperature. The main goal should be to make the color comfortable enough so that the eyes don't have to adjust drastically compared to the lighting of the rest of the location. A warmer color temperature can create a more inviting ambiance for your patrons and make looking in the mirror more pleasant. A color temperature of around 3500k to 4000k is recommended for the right color temperature in the space.

Remember About Task and Accent Lighting

Even with general overhead lighting, a bathroom can require additional commercial bathroom light fixtures in certain areas, such as toilet cubicles, stalls, and above sinks for handwashing. The placement of accent lighting is the key: you don't necessarily need powerful, bright lights, which can seem harsh and cold. Instead, choose small lights that can be directed where you need light the most.

Remember About Task and Accent Lighting in Commercial Bathroom – LED Lights Direct

Add Lights to Your Mirrors

Large commercial-grade mirrors are typically mounted directly to the wall above the sinks in commercial bathrooms. One of the most obvious yet surprisingly overlooked aspects of commercial vanity lights isn't about the light itself. When lighting with mirrors, it's important to avoid glare by paying attention to the direction of light and choosing fixtures with warmer temperatures, lower lumen outputs, and more indirect light than direct light.

Choose LED Strip Lighting

A low level of LED strip lighting can lighten the load, giving the impression that furniture or walls float. For hotel bathrooms, installing low-level LED strip lighting can assist guests who need to use the bathroom late at night. This can prevent them from being fully awoken by the bright overhead lights, making it easier for them to get back to sleep quickly. Having floor lighting in small rooms will help you see where you are walking without having to turn on the main lights, which may be difficult on your eyes and prevent you from falling asleep.

Choose LED Strip Lighting in Commercial Bathroom – LED Lights Direct

Use Light Colors in Certain Areas

Even if your commercial bathroom décor includes dark colors for the floor, walls, partitions, and other elements, you can use light colors in certain areas to reflect and spread light. Try to keep a light wall directly across from any windows. Also, break up dark areas and corners with light, brightly colored accents to avoid creating a cave-like feel.

Installation Window Blurs

Commercial bathrooms with LED lights and windows can be fitted with window blurs to ensure privacy for users. These films come in various styles and patterns, such as bubbles and waves, and are easy to apply. They allow light to pass through while making it impossible to see inside, creating an attractive and inviting lighting effect.

Installation Window Blurs in Commercial Bathroom – LED Lights Direct

Create a Fake Window, If You Don't Have an Outside Window

If your commercial bathroom lacks a natural light source from a window, you can still create a similar effect with a shadow or lightbox. This "fake window" consists of a semi-transparent panel or window blur with a light installed behind it to give the feel of natural lighting. You can customize the shape and size of the panel to suit your bathroom's design.


When it comes to commercial bathroom lighting, creating a warm and inviting space that meets the needs of your patrons is essential. By layering your lighting, using LED lights, choosing the right color temperature, and using task and accent lighting, you can create a welcoming atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression. Don't forget to add lights to your mirrors and use light colors in certain areas to reflect and spread light. And if you don't have a natural light source, consider creating a fake window with a shadow or lightbox. For all your commercial LED lighting needs, contact LED Lights Direct today!
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