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Creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere in retail dressing rooms is crucial. You can do so by choosing the right dressing room light fixtures. Clients who like the clothes they're trying on are more potential to purchase them if they enjoy what they see. If the lighting is too harsh, they will be unhappy and leave your store as soon as possible, feeling like they're in a prison cell.

Changing Room Lighting Design Tips

Go for LED Lights

For a good reason, LED lighting has become increasingly popular in retail settings. In addition to being versatile, LED fixtures are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and can be customized to meet the unique needs of any store. Businesses looking to save on energy costs can benefit from LED bulbs, which offer superior efficiency and light output. LED lights, in fact, can last approximately 50,000 hours, far longer than incandescent bulbs, which typically last only 2,000 hours on average. In addition to saving on energy costs, retail stores can create a more inviting and comfortable shopping experience with LED lighting.

Changing Room Lighting Design Tips – LED Lights Direct

Choose the Right Color Temperature and CRI

Interior designers face numerous challenges when selecting the right illumination for small dressing rooms or rooms that have been modified to fit this purpose. The human eye perceives the light in the dressing room the same way it perceives the light in nature. Although natural light is a great source of light for dressing areas, it is not always possible, either because there are no windows in the dressing room or because it is also used at night. Consequently, the type of light installed in the interior should be white, neutral, and warm since it is so important not to distort the colors of the clothes so as to feel comfortable when you are inside.

Do Not Use Fluorescent Lights

For example, fluorescent lighting can cause a flickering effect, making one's face appear green and unflattering. Dressing room lights can dramatically affect one's appearance. Fluorescent bulbs emit a specific spectrum of light that alters the color of the objects they illuminate. In order to ensure the most accurate reflection of one's appearance, it is important to consider choosing LED lamps for dressing rooms.

Combine Different Light Sources

When it comes to fitting room lighting fixtures, it is important to consider the impact on one's appearance. It is recommended that fluorescent lighting is avoided and replaced with other options like recessed LED lamps or LED downlights to ensure the most accurate reflection of the subject. With these lighting options, you have greater freedom of movement in your dressing room by installing them together. A recessed spotlight can be placed in every closet or compartment, but be sure that there is not more than a meter of distance between the light point and the closet. Make sure each source illuminates a specific point by paying attention to the minimum separation distance between them.

Use LED Pendants To Illuminate the Fitting Rooms Area

An effective way to highlight the changing room is by using LED pendant lights as a changing room fixture. These lights add a stylish touch to the decor and make it easily visible. Customers need to know where the changing room is in your store to locate it easily, leading to a better shopping experience. This tip will ensure that your customers have a pleasant experience at your store and will return in the future.

Do NOT Add Overhead Lighting in Fitting Rooms

There are many stores that install just a few ceiling-mounted or pendant fixtures and then move on. In spite of this, such lighting may cast unflattering shadows on one's face and body, highlighting one's less desirable features. In order to avoid this, stores should integrate additional fixtures to create a more attractive and balanced lighting scheme, such as wall sconces or table lamps. It is also important to select the right type of light bulb to ensure that the illumination enhances the appearance of the products and customers. Paying attention to details can greatly improve your shopping experience and even increase sales.

Try Track Lighting

Track lighting has gained popularity in recent years. It is an excellent way to create a unique and stylish design for your store. With track fixtures, you have the flexibility to adjust beam angles and use various types of luminaries to create the perfect ambiance. Also, track lighting is energy efficient, making it an ideal choice for business owners who want to save on their electricity bills. Additionally, track lighting provides a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for your customers to browse your products. It can also highlight specific areas of your store, such as displays or products that you want to draw attention to. Track lighting is an excellent investment for store owners who want to create a welcoming and visually appealing environment for their customers.

Track Lighting – LED Lights Direct

Use Mounted Linear LED Fixtures

To make the dressing room experience more enjoyable, consider incorporating high CRI LED strip fixtures on either side of the mirror. This will not only help to fill in any unflattering shadows but also offer soft, even lighting that will make you look and feel your best. Additionally, the use of LED lights can also have energy-saving benefits as they require less electricity to operate than traditional lighting sources. By making this simple addition to your dressing room, you can create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space.

Decorate with LED Strips

It doesn't matter which option you choose (one or several light points) for your changing room lights. LED strips are a great choice for small dressing areas. A great advantage of LED strips is that they enhance and combine well with dressing room elements such as shelves, bars, or drawers (those that do not require a profile). Their ease of installation allows you to experiment with installation over or under any of these places to find the most pleasing decorative option.

Make it Smart

Consider integrating smart lighting systems in your shop to adjust brightness and color rendering index and create an ambiance that fits your brand and products. For instance, you can gradually dim the lights as the day progresses to create a relaxing atmosphere for customers. Smart fixtures can also be controlled remotely through a mobile app. It enhances the shopping experience and helps your business stand out.


In conclusion, choosing appropriate lighting for a retail shop is important, especially when it comes to changing room lights. By following the tips in this article, you can manage to do so. Remember, the right lighting can help increase sales and create a more comfortable shopping experience for your customers.
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