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Are you tired of rummaging through your cluttered storage spaces, desperately searching for that one item you need? Look no further! In this blog post, we will explore the world of illuminating storage solutions that not only brighten up your space but also provide functionality and organization.

A well-designed storage system can transform a chaotic mess into a neatly arranged space. Imagine effortlessly finding your belongings with the flick of a switch, even in the darkest corners of your storage area. Illuminating storage solutions combine smart lighting technology with clever organizational features to create a seamless and efficient storage experience.

Whether you have a small closet, a garage, or a basement, there are innovative storage options available to suit your needs. From illuminated shelves and cabinets to sensor-activated lighting systems, these solutions not only illuminate your storage space but also enhance accessibility and ease of use.

Join us as we delve into the world of bright and functional light for storage unit facilities. We will explore various products, design ideas, and expert tips to help you create a storage space that is not only well-lit but also optimized for your specific needs. Say goodbye to the days of fumbling in the dark and embrace the illuminating storage solutions that will revolutionize the way you organize your belongings.

Stay tuned for our upcoming blog posts, where we will dive deeper into specific illuminating storage solutions and their benefits. Get ready to transform your storage spaces into well-lit havens of organization and efficiency!

Why Is It Important?

The lighting you select for a storage facility is a crucial aspect of your budget. It not only affects your utilities but also impacts the security and marketing of your facility. If you are constructing a new self-storage facility and have chosen an experienced contractor, they should be able to provide guidance on lighting. However, when presented with options, or when replacing lights or adding new lighting equipment to an existing facility, it is important to have a clear understanding of your goals in order to make an informed choice. Your decision carries significance in this matter.

Storage Unit Lighting Tips

Choose LED Lighting

LED lights are the preferred option for self-storage room lighting. At the same time, there are other commonly used lighting types, such as sodium, incandescent, and compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) lights. LED lights are considered the ideal choice. LED lighting has a longer lifespan, lasting up to 100 times longer than incandescent lights, for example. It is also more cost-effective due to its energy savings, being up to 80% more energy efficient than other lighting types. Considering the significant amount of self-storage lighting, it is crucial to take into account energy usage and its impact on expenses, especially if the LED storage lights are kept on throughout the night.

Lumens vs. Lux

Lumens measure the amount of light emitted from a bulb, while lux measures the actual light on a given surface. If you want to create a secure and usable space, it is important to consider having a higher lux across your site. For example, CIBSE recommends 100-200 lux for aisles in distribution centers and warehouses but only around 20 lux for parking areas. If brightness is a priority, you can consult your contractors for guidance on selecting lights with the appropriate lumens and positioning to achieve your desired lux value.

Color Temperature

Choosing a color temperature that is closer to the color of natural daylight can significantly enhance the brightness and overall ambiance of the light. This, in turn, can greatly influence the customer's perception and experience within the facility. Color temperature, which is measured in Kelvins, plays a crucial role in determining the color appearance of light sources. Daylight, for example, typically has a color temperature ranging from 4,500K to 6,500K, providing a cool and vibrant illumination. Therefore, it is highly recommended to select a color temperature within this range when it comes to facilities like self-storage. By doing so, you can create a more inviting and visually appealing environment for your customers, making their experience more enjoyable and satisfying.


Carefully planning the placement of lighting fixtures throughout your facility can enhance the customer experience, improve security, and save costs. Avoid haphazard positioning of lights to prevent unnecessary purchases of additional fixtures. For instance, consider alternating lights on each side of a drive aisle between outdoor drive-up storage units and take into account the beam angle to illuminate the entire aisle effectively. By being strategic in light placement, you may be able to use half the number of fixtures compared to other placement options.

What Are the Best Lighting Fixtures for Storage Unit Business Owners?

Linear LED Lighting Fixtures

Linear lights are a fantastic addition to any space, as they not only provide a unique atmosphere but also contribute to uplifting your energy levels, no matter where they are placed. With their simple installation process, LEDs can effortlessly be incorporated into any commercial setting, ensuring a consistent and pleasing glow that lasts from dawn to dusk. Moreover, these linear lights are strategically positioned to guarantee a perfect fit, assisting you in achieving a remarkable architectural lighting design that will leave a lasting impression.

Magnetic Track Pendant Sets

This innovative and simplified approach to attaching LED lights to the track is accomplished by utilizing magnetic absorption. The process entails the utilization of a light fixture that effortlessly attaches to the track through the power of magnetic attraction, completely eliminating the necessity for any additional tools or equipment.

Customer/Personal Storage Shed Lighting

Portable Lighting

One convenient option for lighting storage units is portable construction lights. These lights provide powerful illumination that can be easily moved and are ideal for use in confined spaces. Additionally, they offer the flexibility of adjusting the lighting angle to ensure optimal visibility. It's important to choose smaller lights to prevent excessive brightness while still providing adequate lighting coverage. LED options are highly recommended as they not only produce low heat but also have a longer lifespan, making them cost-effective in the long run. Furthermore, they are well-suited for this type of environment due to their durability and resistance to impact. Overall, portable construction lights are a reliable and practical choice for lighting storage units, offering convenience, flexibility, and energy efficiency.

Hanging Lighting

If your storage unit has access to a power source or a power outlet just outside on the wall, using hanging lights can be an effective lighting solution. However, it is important to check with the facility owner before plugging anything in, especially if you are renting the unit. Hanging lights for storage units are designed with features such as shatterproof bulbs, an extra thick coating on the cord, and even a protective cage around the bulbs to prevent shattering in the confined space.

Battery Operated Lighting

An alternative choice is to consider using lighting solutions that operate on batteries. These options are advantageous because they eliminate the need for a main power source, which can be challenging in a storage unit or shed. With options like lanterns and wall-mountable battery-operated lighting, you can now easily discover inventive methods to illuminate this distinct space without the need for electrical wiring.


In conclusion, illuminating storage solutions offer a perfect combination of functionality and organization. With smart lighting technology and clever organizational features, these solutions transform cluttered spaces into well-arranged areas. By effortlessly finding your belongings in even the darkest corners of your storage space, you can save time and eliminate frustration. To explore various products, design ideas, and expert tips for creating a well-lit storage space, stay tuned for our upcoming blog posts. We will dive deeper into specific illuminating storage solutions and their benefits, helping you optimize your storage areas for your specific needs. For more information and to get started on your illuminating storage journey, contact us:
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