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Are you looking to create an inviting and sleek atmosphere in your nail salon? The right lighting design can make all the difference. In this blog post, we will explore some nail salon lighting ideas to enhance the ambiance of your nail salon, making it a comfortable and stylish space for both your clients and technicians.

Nail Salon Lighting Ideas

More Natural Lighting

While natural light can create a pleasant atmosphere, it should not be solely relied upon, especially for tasks that require close attention. It is essential to consider that direct sunlight, particularly during sunset, can cause discomfort to sensitive eyes. To mitigate this, you might tint the windows to block harmful rays.

Use LED Lighting

Using Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) in the nail salon lighting design is recommended for optimal results. LEDs are widely used in the commercial building industry due to their durability, compliance with energy codes, and low maintenance requirements. Investing in high-quality LED lamps with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 86 or higher is advisable.

Color Temperature

The color temperature of the light in a nail salon is essential as it affects how warm or cool the light appears to the human eye. This is crucial because if the color temperature is too warm, the polish colors may have a yellowish tint, making it difficult to see the true colors. On the other hand, if the color temperature is too cool or closer to the blue-white end of the spectrum, the colors may appear washed out. It is recommended to aim for a color temperature in the middle range to achieve the best results, and it is also beneficial to maintain consistency in color temperature throughout the salon.

Color Rendering Index

The color rendering index (CRI) plays a particular role in a nail salon because accurately differentiating between colors is crucial to the job. The CRI determines how well a lamp can distinguish similar colors, with a higher rating being better than a lower rating. It is recommended to aim for a CRI of 80 or higher, and LED lighting options generally offer some of the highest CRI options available in the market today.

Number of Lamps

When selecting lamps, the number of lamps plays a significant role. If you are considering multi-lamp fixtures, using more than one lamp will increase the area's overall lumen output and brightness. In larger spaces, it is recommended to choose 3 or 4 lamp options to maximize the effectiveness of the fixture and ensure sufficient light coverage.

Illumination of the Workstation

It is important to have good general overhead illumination in any nail salon, but individual task lighting at your workstation is the most effective way to see the quality and detail of your work. Pelafas suggests using low-heat and energy-efficient lamps with "full spectrum" lighting that accurately displays color.

What Lighting to Choose for a Nail Salon?

Linear Lights

LED Linear lights can be a great choice for your nail salon, providing a sophisticated and high-end look to define the space. With the flexibility to surface mount, recess, or suspend the fittings from the ceiling, LED Linear lights offer a stylish solution for your salon. 

Track Lights and Systems

Contemporary magnetic track lighting is perfect for nail salons. It offers a modern aesthetic while providing the convenience of quickly adjusting the lights in any direction along the magnetic track. This flexibility allows you to adapt the lighting to your salon's interior even after installing the fittings. With magnetic salon track light fixtures, you can customize the design to suit your personal style and the shape and size of your salon. 

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are a great option to create a welcoming and appealing atmosphere in your nail salon. You can place them strategically throughout the salon for an elevated look and extra light or selectively in areas such as doorways and hallways. Wall sconces provide a pleasing combination of upward and downward light, adding an attractive touch compared to troffer lights. The best part is that wall sconces can easily be combined with troffers to create a layered lighting design.

Round Fixtures

Round LED lights have a sleek and modern design that adds a professional and stylish touch to your nail studio. They can improve the overall ambiance of the space and create a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere for your clients. Additionally, round nail salon ceiling lights ensure a uniform and even distribution of light, effectively illuminating every corner of the nail studio.

LED Strips

LED strip lights are a convenient option for nail salon lighting, as they are easy to install and maintain. With their adhesive backing, they can be easily attached to different surfaces. Another advantage of LED strip lights is that they do not emit UV radiation, benefiting clients and nail technicians.


In conclusion, creating an inviting and sleek atmosphere in your nail salon is essential to ensure a comfortable and stylish space for clients and technicians. By incorporating the right salon lighting solutions, you can enhance the ambiance and functionality of your salon. Consider factors such as natural light, LED lighting with a high CRI and suitable color temperature, as well as the number of lamps for optimal brightness. Explore options like LED Linear lights, track lights, wall sconces, round fixtures, and LED strips to customize your salon's lighting design to match your style and needs. For all your lighting needs, contact us at LED Lights Direct, where we're dedicated to helping you achieve the perfect lighting solution.
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