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Are you planning to set up a music recording studio and looking for the best lighting design ideas? Lighting is crucial in creating a conducive environment in a music recording studio. It affects not only the performers' mood and energy but also the quality of the recorded sound.

Our objective in this article is to provide you with some useful and cool lighting design ideas that are useful in enhancing the look and feel of your music recording studio. From ambient lighting to task lighting, we have got you covered! Let's begin by exploring some lighting design ideas for your music recording studio.

Importance of Music Studio Lighting

Lighting is an essential element in any music recording studio. It not only sets the mood and atmosphere but also significantly impacts the quality of the recordings. When lighting is used properly, it can create a comfortable and relaxed environment, allowing artists to focus on their performances.

Also, the proper lighting can enhance the studio's aesthetics, making it more welcoming and professional to clients. Additionally, it makes it easier for artists and engineers to navigate specific studio areas, such as the recording booth or control room.

Overall, investing in the right lighting design is crucial to a successful music recording studio. It can create a functional and visually appealing space, making it more attractive to clients and artists.

Tips for Choosing the Best Lighting for Recording Studio

Go for LED Lights

LED lights for recording studios are available at LED Lights Direct, perfect for recording studios. Due to their low heat output, LED lights are ideally suited to small spaces like recording booths. They are incredibly efficient regarding lumens produced for the wattages consumed, helping reduce lighting costs. A music studio can benefit from LED lights owing to their four-times longer lifespan than other solutions, reducing maintenance costs and replacing lamps.

LED Lights in Music Studio – LED Lights Direct

Use Different Types of Fixtures at the Same Time

When it comes to LED fixtures, a variety of options are available in terms of style. In addition to the traditional overhead 4-foot troffers, which can provide ample lighting in a control room, there are also gentler wall sconces and can lights used in the control booths to create a softer, softer, more relaxing lighting atmosphere. It is worth noting that having the same type of fixture throughout the entire space is unnecessary, and it can be better to mix and match different types of fixtures based on the area to create a more layered lighting layout. The result can be a more dynamic and engaging visual effect and can also help to highlight key areas of the space. Aside from considering color temperature and brightness when choosing lighting fixtures, it is also important to consider color temperature and brightness when choosing lights. By carefully selecting and combining different fixtures, it is possible to create a customized lighting scheme tailored to the space's occupants.

Make Lighting Smart

It is important to consider individuals' unique needs and preferences when designing a music studio's lighting plan. While some people may prefer bright lighting for a more energetic atmosphere, others may prefer a dimmer setting for a more relaxed mood. By incorporating individual on/off controls in the booths, people can adjust as needed to create the desired atmosphere. Additionally, adding dimmers to the lighting plan can provide even more versatility. For instance, by utilizing dimmers, individuals can adjust the light for reading or create a calming ambiance during the creative process in the sound booth. Overall, providing a range of lighting options can enhance the overall experience in a music studio and create a more comfortable and productive atmosphere for all individuals involved in the process.

Smart Lighting in Music Studio – LED Lights Direct

Make Sure Work Areas are Well Lit

Ensuring that work areas are well-lit is essential to ensure optimal performance, such as recording booths and control rooms. At LED Lights Direct, we offer a range of track lights perfect for music recording studios. Our magnetic track pendant sets are easy to install and provide flexible lighting options that can be adjusted based on the needs of the space.

In a music studio, paying attention to how the light falls from fixtures is essential. This is crucial for unique reasons such as reading sheet music and avoiding glare on instruments. Fixtures with mostly downlights or added diffusers can be used to reduce glare. Additionally, directional track lighting can be aimed at a higher point toward the wall to minimize glare.

Choose the Right Color Temperature

Choosing the right color temperature is crucial in creating the right atmosphere in a music recording studio. Light sources have a color temperature measured in Kelvin (K). Blue light, with a temperature around 6500K, signals our mind to release hormones that keep us awake. Alternatively, warm light, with a color temperature of around 2700K, helps us relax and work in a cozy atmosphere.

If night shifts are standard in your home studio, we suggest using blue lights. Otherwise, warm color tones are a good choice. Whatever color temperature you choose, ensure it looks cool and attractive to visitors.

Take a Closer Look at Colored Decorative Lighting

Music studio lighting should be functional in terms of visibility and exciting enough to encourage creativity. It is possible to achieve this by using a few well-placed colored lights. LED lights for the music studio make it easy to play with various colors, from red to purple, to add a highly efficient yet decorative touch to the space. While these lights are not typically meant for general lighting or visibility needs, they can work well strategically on walls, walkways or hallways, and other areas throughout the space.

Decorative Lighting in Music Studio – LED Lights Direct

Choose Low-Heat Emitting Options

When setting up a recording studio, one of the most important considerations is lighting. Not only does lighting play a key role in setting the mood and creating the right atmosphere for your music, but it can also impact the temperature of the space. That's why choosing lights that don't emit too much heat is crucial.

One excellent option to consider is laser lights. These lights transmit light along narrow beams, meaning the amount of energy loss (and, therefore, heat emission) is minimal. You can ensure the temperature stays comfortable while you work by choosing laser lights for your recording studio.

The fact is that not all types of lighting are created equal. While incandescent and fluorescent bulbs might be okay for an office setting, they can generate too much heat for a recording studio. When outfitting your studio, it's best to focus on low-heat lighting options like LEDs or, as previously mentioned, laser lights.

A good lighting system can make all the difference in the world to your recording studio, even if you're tempted to grab any old bulb. Low-heat options like laser lights can help you produce great music by creating an environment that is comfortable and productive so you can create great music.

Music Room Lighting Ideas

Ceiling Lights

Our Round and Linear LED Lights are perfect for recording studios. They are easy to install and provide flexible lighting options that can be adjusted based on the needs of the space. Soft, dimmable recording studio ceiling lights are an excellent option to calm and relax the recording space. You can adjust their brightness level during the creative process and then turn up for better visibility while adjusting the board.

Ceiling Lights in Recording Studio – LED Lights Direct

LED Strips

Strip lights are great for adding a softer lighting touch to your recording studio. These lights come with an adhesive backing that can be easily applied to any surface. They often illuminate spaces under cabinets or provide accent lighting for furniture. You can also use light strips to highlight the perimeter of windows or mirrors, which can be helpful when viewing the recording booth from the control room.

Track Lights

Track lighting is excellent for pointing out specific areas in your music recording studio. At LED Lights Direct, we offer a range of magnetic track pendant sets perfect for recording studios. These lights are functional, look beautiful, and give your studio a trendy stage look. They can be used to point out music gear like mixers and monitors and help you see your objects. Overall, track lights are a wise investment for any music recording studio. Check out our magnetic track pendant sets here.

Track Lights in Music Studio – LED Lights Direct

Wall Sconce

Wall sconces are another excellent lighting option for music studios. They can be used to create a softer, more relaxing atmosphere in the control booth, making it easier for artists and engineers to focus on their work. Unlike overhead lights, wall sconces provide a more subtle and indirect form of lighting, which can help to reduce glare and eye strain, especially during long recording sessions. Additionally, wall sconces can highlight specific areas of the space, such as artwork or architectural details, adding a decorative touch to the studio. Whether looking for functional or decorative lighting options, wall sconces are versatile and attractive for any music recording studio.

Table Lamps

Table lamps are a commonly used lighting item in music recording studios to illuminate mixer faders and keyboards on the tabletop. However, not all table lamps are suitable for home studios. It is recommended to use white or yellow hue table lamps that highlight the mixer faders.

Table Lamps in Recording Studio – LED Lights Direct

Lava Lamps

Adding a lava lamp to your recording studio light design can be a simple yet effective way to enhance the mood and creativity in the space. As the liquid inside the lamp moves and interacts with each other, the warm and captivating lighting can help clear your head and provide inspiration for your recording session. Spending some time basking in the glow of your lava lamp may lead to your next masterpiece.


Lighting is an essential aspect of any music recording studio. Proper lighting can help create a comfortable and productive environment for artists and engineers, enhance the aesthetics of the space, and improve the quality of the recordings. From LED lights to wall sconces, track lights, and table lamps, numerous lighting design options can be customized to suit the unique needs and preferences of a music recording studio. At LED Lights Direct, we offer a wide range of LED lights perfect for music recording studios. Our lamps are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and emit minimal heat, making them ideal for small spaces like recording booths. Contact us today to learn more about our lighting solutions and how we can help you create the perfect interior design for your music recording studio.
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