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Lighting holds immense power to completely transform the look, feeling and atmosphere of any kind of room. It is a crucial aspect of any space as it delivers great functionality and an aesthetic appeal to the rooms.

Lightning used in kitchens, living rooms, offices and shops helps to illuminate the space and also doubles as a safety feature. It can also be very versatile, available in different forms, with cool and stylish embellishments. With the right type of lighting, the interior of any room can be instantly brought to life.

Is Track Lighting Cool Again?

Track lighting is making a popular comeback in recent times. It used to be the rave of the 1980s period, but its popularity dwindled as modern fixtures sought to replace the use of track lighting. But now, as with a lot of fashion and decorative trends, it is becoming a top pick for homeowners and business owners who seek lightning options. It stands out due to the versatility and the convenience and is an ideal choice for many spaces.

Track fixtures can make a bold statement for people who intend to highlight specific spaces in their building. The unique decorative track lightings are often easy to install and come in a wide-ranging variety, all of which can suit different aesthetic preferences. From sleek and modern to rustic and even industrial styles, it is easy to find a suitable track lighting design for homes, restaurants, galleries, hotels, etc. The energy efficiency, in addition to the trendy style appeals to the taste as it can be used to create different effects and ambiances.

Magnetic Track Pendant - LED Lights Direct

Track Lighting Ideas


Track lighting installation can restore a classic and welcoming aura to your kitchen. As a very functional tool, it is great to light up your table tops and allow for a brilliant elucidation of the kitchen for cooking and food preparation. It can also be used to highlight decorative pieces in your kitchen, as track fixtures offer a variety of unique styles and colors that can blend with your kitchen design.

Kitchen Track Pendant - LED Lights Direct

Living Room

The living room deserves the best lighting as it is one of the most prominent areas in the home. You can install beautiful tracks to create a cozy and homely atmosphere. Track lighting can be installed along the wall to also illuminate art pieces and other decorative antiques. Some specific areas in the living room like the fire space or the bookshelves can also do with varying designs.

Liveing Room Track Pendant - LED Lights Direct


You can install track lighting to accentuate the bedroom design while also providing great functionality. More mellow and dim colors are well suited for the bedroom to provide a relaxing and calming feel. Vanity and dressing tables can also be conferred a brilliant illumination with minimal track lighting. A track pendant with the right embellishments can deliver a picturesque backdrop.

Bedroom Track Pendant - LED Lights Direct


Track lighting can let up the hallways providing ambient light and also acts as a prevention from falls and slips due to the perfect illumination of specific areas like the stairway. For hallways, the functionality of the track lightning comes in handy as it provides sufficient illumination while also conserving energy. These lights can also be used to bring focus to hanging wall pieces and doors contributing to the appeal of the hallway.

Hallway Track Fixtures - LED Lights Direct


For a professional and highly organized and put-together space, the choice of a track lightning has to be in tune with the office design. It is specifically situated to help to brighten the desk area and provide sufficient light for work and other office activities. The bright rays of light from the track fixtures deliver a professional clean-looking and welcoming office space.

Office Track Pendants - LED Lights Direct


Lightning is one thing that draws attention to products in the store and this is essential to help customers make the perfect buying decisions. The track lighting can be installed on the display shelves and cases to enhance the beauty or features of some specific products in the stores. Dressing rooms and other significant areas of the store can be beautified with unique and stylish track lighting ideas.

Shop Track Fixtures - LED Lights Direct

Art Gallery

The beauty of art is in the illumination and there is no better way to confer brilliance and radiance than track lighting fixtures. Installing track above individual pieces of art helps to provide focused lighting and highlight their details to do justice to the art pieces. Along with this is creating a specific ambiance and mood with the selected style.

Art Gallery Track Fixtures - LED Lights Direct

Restaurant / Cafe

In a restaurant or cafe, track lighting can be used to deliver the kind of atmosphere required, from classic, luxurious, and cozy, you can opt for a variety of unique track light designs for the restaurant and cafe. Install multi-color heads above the bar to give off laid-back and cozy bar vibes. Restaurant owners can also mix and match the different lighting track styles and colors to give a balanced tone to the space.

Cafe Track Pendant - LED Lights Direct


Track lighting can be used to create an inviting and luxurious well-luminated atmosphere. The outlook of Guest rooms and dining areas can be enhanced with cool and stylish track light designs. Dining’s and hallways can all feature various kinds of lighting designs to deliver a stunning look and aesthetic brilliance.

Hotel Track Pendants - LED Lights Direct


A professionally installed track above your styling can provide illumination for haircuts and styling and also help highlight the beauty of a finished product. Spice up the reception and waiting area with a track fixture to light up the room. A pendant light track can also be placed at the center of the salon to spread illumination across every corner while delivering a professional finish.\

Salon Track Fixtures - LED Lights Direct


Installing track lighting in your workstation offers efficient functionality by lighting up the workspace and making it easier to complete painting, drawing, and other tasks. The fixtures can accentuate specific areas such as a seating area or a display area, and also enhance the room's decor.

Studio Track Fixture - LED Lights Direct

How to Make Track Lighting Look Good?

Track lighting is a great way to add modern style to any space. Not only does it provide bright, uniform illumination in an area, but it also gives a contemporary look to a room. But how do you make track lighting look modern and stylish? Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your track fixtures.

Don't Use Bulky Fixtures Unnecessarily

Track lighting can be a great way to add light to a space without taking up too much space. However, it is important to be mindful of which fixtures you use and to avoid using bulky fixtures that can take up too much space. Instead, opt for thin, sleek fixtures that will not overwhelm the space. The thin and sleek fixtures also deliver the beauty of minimalism to the space and are a great option for people who are more inclined to simple designs.

Modern Track Fixtures - LED Lights Direct

Emphasize Shapes, Textures, and Angles

When it comes to track lighting, there are a variety of shapes, textures, and angles to choose from. Take advantage of the different options available and choose fixtures that emphasize the shapes, textures, and angles you desire. You can also use track lighting to create interesting patterns on the walls or ceiling and this can also help to highlight the focus on wall art and decor.

Minimalist Track Fixtures - LED Lights Direct

Use Track Pendants Instead of Line Systems

A great way to make track lighting look modern is to opt for pendants instead of line systems. Track pendants are a great way to add a pop of color to a room, as well as being more visually interesting than line systems. The pendant tracks are higher on the scale of aesthetic appeal and it is easier to find multiple style variations with pendant styles.

Track Pendant - LED Lights Direct

Use More than One Track Light

Using multiple track lights can create a more interesting effect. This is especially true when you mix and match different types of fixtures to create a unique look. For example, you can use linear track lights in combination with track pendant to create a balanced lighting effect.

Two Track Pendants - LED Lights Direct

Combine Several Types of Fixtures

When it comes to track lighting, it is important to combine several types of fixtures. This will create a more interesting and modern look than using one type of fixture. You can combine track lights with recessed lighting, wall sconces, pendants, and even table and floor lamps. 

Track Fixtures with Recessed Lights - LED Lights Direct

Use Contrast Colors

Using contrasting colors can add visual interest to a room when it comes to track lighting. Consider using black and white or warm and cool colors to create a dynamic effect. Restaurants and cafes can benefit from the dynamic mix of color, making some areas cool and calm and others with a brighter pop of color. You can also use fixtures with a variety of finishes to add texture to the space.

Black Track Fixtures - LED Lights Direct

Customize Lighting to Create the Right Atmosphere

Track lighting can be used to create different levels of light in a room. You can customize it to create the right atmosphere for the space. For example, you can use dimmer switches to create a soft, ambient light in a living room or bright, accentuated lighting in a kitchen.

Dimmable Track Lighting - LED Lights Direct

Combine Track Lighting with Furniture

Combine your track lightning with a funny joke and immediately convert your space that calls from a 0 to 100. The fixtures can be used to add light to furniture pieces and bring out their features. You can place track lights above a table or above a mantelpiece, or a vanity mirror to draw attention to the items and make them stand out.

Stylish Track Lighting - LED Lights Direct

Place Lights at the Right Height

When it comes to track lighting, it is important to make sure that the fixtures are placed at the right height. Not only will this ensure that the light is directed where it is needed, but it will also create a more balanced look in the room. Doing this also serves as a safety precaution.

Suspended Track Fixtures - LED Lights Direct


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